Backend JavaScript Developer

We are an API-first content management platform for web and mobile applications and the first cloud-based service to allow content to be distributed across any device, application or platform, with one single input.

Content is managed in a completely presentation-independent format and can be served to all current and future platforms, including iOS, Android, Google Glass or interactive JavaScript apps.

We are funded by the world’s leading VCs, Benchmark’s European sister Balderton (MySQL, Redhat, Twitter, New Relic, Dropbox) and SaaS expert Point Nine Capital (ZenDesk, Unbounce, Server Density). Our advisory board includes key personalities from the Apple, Heroku, BBC, Symantec as well as thought leaders in the Web and Content Management space.

We showed significant traction and have paying customers who host big internet properties on Contentful.

Do you enjoy building scalable systems out of small, reliable, components? If so, you might be interested in joining our backend team here at Contentful. As a backend developer your primary area of responsibility will be developing, testing, and deploying the Node.js based services that power our public APIs.

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February 18, 2015 • Posted in: Technology

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